The Face Behind the Brand

Cynthia Jaramillo, a 28-year-old first-generation Latina, is the face behind the brand "Chikis Cosmetics." Cynthia's journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur is an inspiring one. She graduated from Cal State Los Angeles with a BA degree in Business Administration, but her passion for makeup has been with her since childhood.

Growing up, Cynthia would get into and play with her mother's makeup and was fascinated by the transformative power of cosmetics. She would experiment with her own makeup and soon developed a talent for it. Cynthia realized that she had a knack for creating makeup looks that enhanced her natural beauty and helped others feel confident and beautiful too.

After graduating from college, Cynthia began working in the corporate world but quickly realized that her true passion was in makeup. She decided to pursue her dream and launched CJ Cosmetics, a line of high-quality makeup products designed to enhance natural beauty. Her goal was to create products that were affordable, easy to use, and catered to a wide range of skin tones and types.

Today, Chikis Cosmetics is a thriving brand, and Cynthia continues to innovate and expand her product line. Cynthia is passionate about empowering women and has used her platform to promote diversity and inclusion in the industry.